Stovetop product in action

Automatic fire suppression with StoveTop FireStop®

It is no secret that domestic kitchen fires are the number one cause of house fires in the UK.

In fact, unattended cooking fires account for over 50% of all reported fires.

With decreasing government budgets and resources the fire service is stretched and it is less likely that they will be able to attend a domestic kitchen fire quick enough to stop it before it spreads.

A pan fire takes only seconds to develop and Government advice is not to tackle the fire itself but to exit the property as quickly as possible.

StoveTop FireStop® is the answer. The beauty of this type of suppression system is that it protects against unattended cooking pan fires.

Having successfully been used for over 40 years in the US and Canada, we a delighted that it is now available in the UK and Europe. StoveTop FireStop® is simple to use and inexpensive. It works quickly to automatically extinguish a pan fire. The major benefit is that it does not involve any human intervention.

Developed by an American defence company StoveTop FireStop® uses extremely high grade but non-toxic suppression powder. When flames from a burning pan reach the can, a small fuse is activated which causes the can to ‘pop’ and automatically cover the flames, thus buying you crucial time to not only save your life but also preserve as much of your home as possible.

The most vulnerable include the elderly, those suffering from dementia, parents being distracted by young children and typical student behaviour especially late at night can greatly benefit from this type of automatic fire extinguisher.









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