TwinflexPro2 panel

Fike unveil new TwinflexPro2 panel

Fike Safety Technology is pleased to announce the launch of the TwinflexPro2 panel which will be released on the 6th of August.

The TwinflexPro2 panel is an intelligent 2-wire panel that utilises a conventional type cabling format. The system is classed as analogue non-addressable due to the architecture used within the design. It’s able to recognise and separately identify between the smoke detector, heat detector and a manual call point alarm. The panel also monitors each zone for detector head removal, device fault, end of line fault and open or short circuit fault.


• Two-Wire technology reduces both installed system costs and installation time
• Intelligent two-wire technology allows for device type and enhanced fault finding information
• Revised panel enclosure for easier fitting on site
• Extended standby battery capacity up to 7 A/H (with the use of additional battery enclosure kit)
• 500 Event log captures panel history allowing for full historical analysis of events
• 4 zone conventional expansion card allows 4 zone panel to be expanded to allow for 4 Twinflex zones & 4 Conventional zones
• Multi-Criteria detector reduces stockholding and results in always having the correct detector for the application
• EOL built into every device, no more spending hours rummaging through your toolbox for the correct resistor value

Fike TwinflexPro2 New Release


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